Why Choose Us

The goal of the Community Foundation of the Valleys is to cultivate a re-energized spirit of generosity in support of nonprofits in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys, and to bring community stakeholders and leaders from every sector together to solve some of our region’s most intractable challenges. To this end, the CFV board adopted a new vision and plan of action in early 2021.

After launching in 2003, the Foundation was simply utilized for many years to fund community events. However, more recently, a board of directors was formally organized and the mission of the Foundation was re-focused to be similar to other Community Foundations (e.g. Liberty Hill, Jewish Community Foundation, etc.).  Donor Advised Funds are now under CFV management, the CFV board conducted a COVID 19 Relief Campaign in 2020 and distributed grants to 20 smaller nonprofits in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.

Community Foundation is currently organizing “Housing and Homelessness: A Multi-Sector Conference on Solutions and Innovations” scheduled for December 3, 2021 at LA Valley College.

CFV commissioned the Valley Nonprofit Resources post-pandemic survey of nonprofits so that the foundation board can better advocate for our region’s charities to the community.

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