Create a Fund

The Community Foundation of the Valleys makes charitable giving easy, efficient and beneficial to you, the donor.  We formed a partnership with the California Community Foundation (“CCF”) which offers our donors access to many benefits including its 100-year track record of funding beneficial social change.  This partnership allows us to minimize our administrative costs and pass these savings along to donors and ultimately, to the community causes you choose to support.   

We are also registered and recognized as a public benefit charity so you will be allowed the maximum tax deduction for donated funds.  Depending upon the structure of the donation you choose to make, you may be eligible for a life-time stream and avoid capital gains tax.   

Our Partnership Benefits

  • Our team has broad experience in addressing community needs. We can help you identify community organizations and projects that create your legacy of support.
  • We provide a team of professional service advisors to work with you from everything to tax savings, investments and financial planning.
  • We accept a variety of giving options – cash, stocks and other assets.
  • You decide what to support and the timing of your support.
  • We will protect your privacy and honor your confidentiality should you wish your gift to remain anonymous.

Funding Options

  • Donor advised funds to help meet your personal philanthropic vision.
  • Legacy and estate planning tools including bequests, charitable trusts and charitable gift annuities.

For more information and to create a fund, please call us at (818) 377-6386 or email us at