“The Foundation encourages people to consider charitable giving as part of their estate plans. Making a planned gift demonstrates the importance of both charity and family values to the next generation.”

Marianne Haver Hill

Board Chair, Community Foundation of the Valleys



Benefits to Individuals and Families Who “Give Back, Give Local”

The Community Foundation of the Valleys has formed a collaborative partnership with the California Community Foundation, founded in 1915.

As the oldest community foundation in Southern California, the California Community Foundation offers us direct access to many benefits, including its 100-year-old track record of funding beneficial social change. This partnership also allows us to minimize all our administrative costs and pass these savings on to our donors.

Most importantly, Community Foundation of the Valleys pools all its charitable funds with the more than $1.5 billion assets of the California Community Foundation, facilitating maximum economies of scale simply not available to local donors anywhere else.

Community Foundation of the Valleys is a public charity, so you will be allowed the maximum tax deduction for your donated funds to preferred “Give Back, Give Local” causes. You may also be positioned to receive an income stream for life and avoid capital gains tax. We are experts at creating philanthropic plans that both optimize gifts to your Valley community and deliver desired results to your bottom line.

Individual and Family Valley Giving Fund Types

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) —The Private Foundation Alternative

Sponsored by a public charity, a Donor-Advised Fund is a centralized account into which individuals and families can direct donated funds to preferred “Give Back, Give Local” causes.

One of our most popular DAF examples is our “Grandparent-to-Grandchild Valley Giving Donor-Advised Fund.” By sharing your Valley Giving Values™, you can positively influence your grandchildren’s giving behaviors and volunteerism over their lifetime.

For more information on our Donor-Advised Funds, click here.

Community Foundation Fund

You can contribute directly to a preferred “Give Back, Give Local” cause fund that is administered by Community Foundation of the Valleys.

Private Foundations Services

When a Private Foundation is your best option, we can offer you customized services to meet your needs. We can also administer it for you on a daily basis. We’ll help you to give in the way that you prefer.

Valley Giving Clubs – “Give Back, Give Local” for Greatest Impact

Valley Giving Clubs are forums where donors discuss “Give Back, Give Local” strategies, develop best practices, and implement an annual, local philanthropic plan to focus on one preferred “Give Back, Give Local” cause or more. Such forums are also referred to as Giving Circles.

Family Valley Giving Clubs bring families together to facilitate collective annual giving to support a preferred “Give Back, Give Local” cause.

Investment Options to “Give Where You Live”

Select your own mix of Community Foundation of the Valleys Funds.

Depending on the size of the fund, your designated financial advisor may retain the assets under management.

For more information on our Investment Options to Give Where You Live, please call (818) 377-6386 or email us at info@ValleyGiving.org.

Next Gen Valley Giving Donor Institute

We deliver expert guidance to the next generation of major Valley Giving philanthropists and “Give Back, Give Local” donors.

Administrative Fees

For more information on our Administrative Fees, click here.