Corporate Valley Giving

“When you open a Corporate Valley Giving Fund in your company’s name, we will help you direct your charitable dollars to meet your corporate philanthropic goals and objectives. It’s like a corporate foundation without the costs and the hassle.”

Heath Goldman

President & CEO, ICON Wealth & Legacy Partners
Vice Chair & Secretary, Community Foundation of the Valleys

Benefits to Corporations that “Give Back, Give Local”

  • Community Foundation of the Valleys will help you to direct charitable funding to meet corporate philanthropic goals and objectives.
  • Community Foundation of the Valleys will help you to maximize your corporation’s charitable gifts to preferred “Give Back, Give Local” causes for  lasting impact.
  • Community Foundation of the Valleys will help your corporation to achieve stronger brand recognition with your buyers, employees, and residents in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.
  • Community Foundation of the Valleys will help you to facilitate positive social change benefiting everyone in your Valley communities.

The Valley Giving Give Back Local Report

Studies show that a corporation’s connection to a local cause greatly benefits the corporation itself and its brand experience, as well as its intended customers and employees.

Here’s the proof:

  • 93% of Americans say that they have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause about which they care a lot.*
  • 89% of Americans say they would switch brands or retailers based on associations with a good cause, when price and quality are equal.*
  • 82% of Americans consider a company’s social and environmental commitment before deciding where to shop or what to buy.*

*2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study

Corporate Valley Giving Fund Types

Corporate Valley Giving Fund – Corporate Foundation

By establishing a Corporate Valley Giving Fund, you will increase the visibility of your corporation’s local, charitable giving, as well as connect your corporate brand to “Give Back, Give Local” causes for mutual benefit. Such a “Corporate Foundation” through the Community Foundation of the Valleys allows you to maximize the impact of your “Give Back, Give Local” funds in the Valleys, ensure that your charitable investments provide the greatest social benefits possible and, at the same time, positively impact your corporation’s bottom line.

Corporate Scholarship Funds

At the Community Foundation of the Valleys, one of the fastest growing fund types is the Corporate Scholarship. Create your corporation’s own scholarship fund and support qualified students who are entering or continuing a college education. You establish selection criteria, define eligibility requirements, and determine how many scholarships will be offered and at what specific dollar amounts. The Community Foundation of the Valleys handles the evaluation process and all paperwork to make sure that “Give Back, Give Local” scholarships are disbursed according to current IRS rules and regulations.

Executive Donor-Advised Funds (EDAF)

Executive Donor-Advised Funds, encouraged by some corporations of their executives, are charitable investment accounts set up by individual executives who give cash, stock, real estate, a life insurance policy, or almost any hard-to-value asset to their own “Give Back, Give Local” fund. At any time, executives can suggest grantmaking ideas or add to their EDAF funds. Some corporations even elect to pay EDAF administrative fees for these executives for a specific period of time.

Matching Gifts Program

Corporations can support their employees who already “Give Back, Give Local” by matching their contributions to funds earmarked for local nonprofit organizations, colleges, or universities. Our Matching Gifts Program fosters increased charitable giving and demonstrates real appreciation for valuable employees.

The Community Foundation of the Valleys minimizes your work in administering a matching gifts program by overseeing every implementation detail. While you get to enjoy enhanced visibility and employee recognition, Community Foundation of the Valleys takes care of all the required administrative work to process and verify the charitable status of grant recipients.

Your Community Foundation of the Valleys Matching Gifts Fund sets aside essential resources for an employee recognition program and our experienced leadership ensures that fund’s assets earn the most favorable return on your investment.

Corporate Valley Giving Network

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